Our History

Over a Century of Service

Southern Star's corporate heritage dates back to 1904.

At the turn of the twentieth century, explorers traversed the land in Oklahoma, searching for oil, staking their claims and forming companies. Realizing there was value in the natural gas they discovered with oil, these companies began transporting the clean-burning fuel across the country. 

Much of today's Southern Star was formed from parts of various local distribution companies. In 2003, our company adopted its current name of Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.

Today, Southern Star is a leading transporter of natural gas to America's heartland, with approximately 5,800 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline spanning seven states.

Our company has grown to more than 600 team members. We invite you to learn more about our exciting Careers to see if you're ready to become part of our historic team.

Team members work on the line for the Blackwell-Graham crossline construction (1955)

Team members with equipment working on the Blackwell-Graham crossline construction (1955)

Edmond Station team members working on addition of a third engine (1956)

A team member working outside the Alva Compressor Station (July, 1958)

Team members gathered together at Alva Compressor Station (July, 1958)

Team members gathered together outside the Edmond Station (March, 1960)

Hugoton Station team working on pipeline install in Ulysses, KS (1961)

Alva Station team member examining equipment (July, 1962)

Team member working inside the facility at the Alva Station (July, 1962)

Team member using Son-o-ray inside Wichita facility (July, 1968)