Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

All For One

We are a team comprised of diverse voices, individual talents, and unique skills because it makes us stronger.

The diversity of our workforce and commitment to inclusion drive success for our team and business.

Our team is devoted to maintaining a culture of learning, collaboration, and innovation so all team members can grow and develop. Leadership recognizes team members for their unique contributions, so individuals feel a sense of belonging and bring their entire selves to work.

This commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is an expression of our values and a vital part of our company vision: “One community working together to be the leading provider of clean, safe and reliable energy for tomorrow.”

Southern Star recognizes the importance of creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture as the foundation for recruiting and retaining diverse talent, engaging the communities where we work, and providing opportunities for diverse suppliers. We value progressive DEI education, economic diversity, and view each team member’s unique experience, perspective and viewpoint as a competitive advantage. We believe these principles are a collective advantage that drives awareness, workplace empathy and a more inclusive workforce that fosters innovation and growth.

Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) are a key component of the workplace culture at Southern Star, allowing team members to celebrate and embrace their passions, identities, and backgrounds with others in the company. All team members are invited to join any ERG in which they would like to participate in or support.


Multicultural ERG Experiences

Multicultural ERG Experiences, or MERGE, empowers team members to leverage their unique identities and backgrounds to support a culture of belonging.  MERGE builds stronger teams by creating a safe space for different viewpoints, growing cultural competence, and promoting allyship. MERGE offers activities and experiences to learn about unique cultural heritages, traditions, cuisine, music, art, and much more.


Our Veterans employee resource group shares the history and culture of the military and provides a forum for veterans working at Southern Star to connect, support and mentor one another. The Veterans group fosters a culture that understands and appreciates the unique contributions made by military service members and their families through the connections built here. Another mission for the group is welcoming other transitioning military members to our Southern Star team.

Veterans ERG Final
Wing ERG

Women in Natural Gas

WING and the members of this employee resource group provide multiple opportunities for women to develop professionally and personally. Mentorship is a large part of WING as members work to match individuals together to form mutually beneficial relationships. This employee resource group is open to all team members at Southern Star.

"Matching our mission and voice for diversity, equity and inclusion means taking effective action to achieve our results. It is a journey to which we must all be committed in order to empower and normalize these principles in the workforce and to build partnerships with our suppliers and communities of today and tomorrow."

Twanna Hardy
Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion