In Case of Emergency

Safety is our top priority. If you encounter a broken, leaking or damaged pipeline, abandon equipment immediately, move to a safe distance and notify Southern Star as soon as possible. Escaping gas can be ignited by open flames or sparks from multiple sources including, but not limited to, electrical switches, motors, or mechanical  equipment. To notify local emergency responders of a potentially dangerous situation, call 911.

If gas ignition has not occurred, precautions should be taken to prevent ignition, such as prohibiting smoking and rerouting traffic in the area. When gas is burning, prevent the spread of fire, but do not attempt to extinguish the burning gas. Do not attempt to operate the valves on our pipelines.

Southern Star's emergency phone number listed can also be found on all pipeline markers.


We Will Arrive Soon

Our team is well-trained to handle emergency events. Once we become aware of an event, our team members will immediately activate our emergency response plan.


Emergency Response for Public Safety Personnel

Southern Star is committed to working with emergency responders and providing information to the public. Our team will support fire, police and other agencies responding to a pipeline emergency and will provide necessary resources to aid their efforts. You can find more guidelines for emergency responders here.