Our Safety Culture

5 Life-Saving Elements

At Southern Star, safety goes above and beyond our pipeline operations. We embrace safety in every aspect of our lives, whether we are at work or home. Our team members have identified five life-saving elements to have a successful and safe workplace. These concepts easily carry over into daily life.

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    Drive Carefully

    Many take it for granted, but time behind the wheel is the most dangerous part of everyone's day across the country. Put down your cell phone, concentrate, and be very aware of those around you. And whenever possible, avoid backing out of a parking place.

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    Care for Your Coworkers

    Keep a watch out for one another. Speak up when you see any unsafe act. At Southern Star, we give each other regular feedback and continually improve on safety through a strong support system. Work with a buddy system any time you can.

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    Perform a Hazard Analysis

    Before you begin a project, take some time to consider the situation. Do you have the right tools? Are there hazards around you that you need to factor in or potentially eliminate? Southern Star performs these in writing, but you can take an informal approach and study your safety situation throughout the course of the project.

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    Lock It Out

    Working around stored energy? At home, it could be simply turning off a circuit breaker while working on a light fixture. Don't just turn off a switch and hope someone notices you. Disable a vehicle you're working on and prevent potential accidents by unhooking the battery, hiding all keys, or chocking the wheels when appropriate.

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    Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Safety glasses and ear protection are not just for the workplace. Permanent damage can also occur at home working in the yard, workshop, or garage without proper protection. Take a moment to preserve the abilities you want to keep for a lifetime. Our Safety Awareness Teams (representing the field and headquarters) bring the energy and resources to promote team member participation and safety awareness for team members at work and in every area of their lives.


Contractors performing work for Southern Star face various requirements imposed by the Department of Transportation (DOT), one of the governmental entities that regulate Southern Star.


At Southern Star, we remain committed to continuing to improve our cybersecurity through system improvements, team member training and education. Our safety culture embraces the importance every team member plays in our overall security awareness. Our company remains focused on finding opportunities to continue improving our security across our footprint with technology and industry advancements.