Southern Star announces Open Season for Panhandle Princeton Receipt Project

(Owensboro, KY – Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.) – Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc. (“Southern Star”) is pleased to announce the commencement of a Binding Open Season of reserved unsubscribed capacity pursuant to Section 16.1 of the General Terms and Conditions of Southern Star’s Tariff to quantify interest in firm transportation service.

Southern Star is specifically offering receipt point capacity related to the installation of its Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line (“PEPL”) receipt interconnect in Princeton, KS (“Project”). The Project will allow for receipts into Southern Star within the Southern Star and PEPL Market Rate Zones. In an ongoing effort to create supply diversity and security for our customers, the Project is focused on supply attraction and can pull from the Marcellus and Mid-Continent production regions.

Southern Star invites interested parties to submit Binding Service Request Forms by 4:00 p.m. CCT on Friday, July 21, 2023 to Additional information regarding the Open Season is available here or by contacting Robin Joska, Strategic Accounts Manager, at 270-852-4565 or

Southern Star may in its sole discretion extend the length of the Open Season by posting notice of such extension on its Informational Postings website. Additionally, to the extent a party has not already established a sufficient level of credit with Southern Star for its binding bid, sufficient credit will need to be established.