Southern Star celebrates community outreach milestone  

(Owensboro, KY – Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.) – Southern Star team members set a new record-high for outreach and volunteer hours in 2023, recording 11,442 hours served across our system. This surpassed the previous high in 2022 by nearly 3,800 hours.  

Our volunteers supported 590 organizations in 162 different locations across the Southern Star system. Approximately 93 percent of Southern Star team members recorded volunteer hours during the year, with an average of nearly 18 hours per person. 

Southern Star team share a photo with staff and young members of the summer program at the H.L. Neblett Community Center in Owensboro, KY, after an outreach event in July 2023.

Karen Goedde, Director of Communications and Public Relations, said the team is to be commended for their community involvement.  

“The Southern Star team is fueled by passion and driven by empathy. Through thousands of hours of volunteerism, they have created ripples of change that touch countless lives in our communities.”   

Mary Jo Zerr, Field Operations Analyst in Hugoton, KS said she was excited to see an emphasis on community outreach from Southern Star when she applied years ago and has been excited to see how much it has grown in recent years. 

“I have volunteered or been in groups that volunteered off and on for years,” Zerr said. “Growing up, my mom always volunteered. And I saw that, helped her, and I guess it’s just continued from there.” 

With pipeline stretching across seven different states, our team is committed to being a partner and serving the communities we call home. 

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Karen Goedde
Director, Communications and Public Relations
(270) 852-4495

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