Southern Star encourages energy conservation during this prolonged period of frigid temperatures

As the Midwest faces frigid winter temperatures, Southern Star continues to provide clean, safe, and reliable service to our customers.

When weather conditions reach record low temperatures, we understand natural gas needs can extend well beyond normal levels, especially for February. Southern Star’s personnel and systems are well-equipped to handle our commitments to our customers.

Our pipeline will continue to operate at full capacity to ensure our customers, including local gas companies and electric generators, will receive their contracted commitments from Southern Star.

“Customers have learned to rely on Southern Star to deliver as promised, and we will continue doing so thanks to the hard work of our talented and dedicated team. While peak demand continues through this cold spell, communities can assist by conserving energy in their homes and businesses,” said Matt McCoy, Director of Commercial Services.

We all play a role in keeping our communities safe. As we continue through this remarkably cold winter period, we all need to do our part to conserve energy.  Please look for tips and advice from your local gas company if supplies become strained, including setting thermostats lower and conserving electricity.


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(270) 852-4450
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Director, Communications and Public Relations
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