Southern Star first to start hydrogen-blend fuel testing

(Owensboro, KY – Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.) – Southern Star is committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, and is proud to announce the
commencement of the testing phase of blending hydrogen fuels to power its compression system. This would make it the first natural gas transmission company in the United States to utilize hydrogen as a component in its fuel to reduce its carbon footprint.

On July 12, 2022, Southern Star and partner Cooper Machinery Services kicked off the “H2 Pilot Project”. Southern Star will begin using a hydrogen-blend fuel on August 1, 2022 in one of its operating natural gas reciprocating compressor engines at its Hugoton, Kansas compressor station.

The station includes several turbine and reciprocating engine driven compressor units. One reciprocating unit, a Cooper-Bessemer GMVH-12, has been isolated to use hydrogen-blended fuel. The engine will operate under daily transmission loads throughout testing and will be remotely monitored to ensure safe and reliable operating conditions.

The H2 Pilot Project will take place over a three-month time frame, incorporating a gradual increase of hydrogen-to-fuel ratio. As the project continues, team members will evaluate expanding the hydrogen blending percentage up to approximately 20 percent to power the engine. Results from the testing phase are expected by Q4 2022.

“Southern Star is proud to lead the way with the H2 Pilot Project. It positions our team to be a key player within the industry to reduce emissions, target emerging markets, and develop research to inspire the next generation of safe, clean, and reliable energy transmission,” said Shawn Patterson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.

The H2 Pilot Project will be limited solely to the fueling of compressor engines on Southern Star’s system. At this time, it will not include blending hydrogen into the natural gas it transports to its customers.

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