Southern Star leads the way with innovative tool, merging data analytics and asset management

Southern Star is receiving industry-wide recognition for the company’s new Event Frame Management Tool. Created by the Southern Star team, this technology stands between our data analytics and asset management systems to create work orders with the push of a button.

Stephanie Higdon, Manager of Business Intelligence, led the IT arm of this project and says, “The tool helps Southern Star capture data, address systemic issues, improve our asset reliability, and reduce repetitive work. By looking at this data and identifying repetitive problems, it reduces costs and fatigue, captures data long-term, and makes us better as a company.

“It speeds up the process, giving us more time to respond to issues on our system,” adds Travis Robinson, Senior Reliability Specialist, also an integral part of this team. “Though there are a lot of companies looking at data in specific ways, the innovative piece of our tool is how it interfaces with our asset management system. We were up against some serious competition for the Southern Gas Association (SGA) Award, so to win was a validation of the effort we’re putting in. We’re changing the game.”

“The Planning & Scheduling, Business Intelligence, and Reliability teams have all been instrumental in the creation of this technology, and the Field Operations and Planning & Scheduling teams have helped make it a success,” says Stuart Johnson, Manager of Planning and Scheduling.

SGA recently awarded the 2021 Engineering Innovation Award to Southern Star for this innovative success. Stuart Johnson accepted the award on behalf of the Company in October at the SGA’s Natural Gas Connect Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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