Southern Star named Disability Workforce Inclusion Champion

Southern Star is proud to celebrate recently being named a Disability Workforce Inclusion Champion for supporting our team member, Colin Powers, Business Services Associate in Owensboro, who has been with the company for more than three years.

Southern Star was one of four businesses honored by the Owensboro Coalition of Workforce Diversity at a luncheon on January 26. Green River Area Down Syndrome Association (GRADSA) selected Southern Star to highlight for their work with Powers and promotion of inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workforce.

Josh Komarek, Manager of Information Governance in Owensboro, said Colin has thrived since joining our team.

“He’s really exceeded our expectations since he came on board, and I believe having him here has benefited our entire Southern Star team,” Komarek said.

Britt Cobb, GRADSA Executive Director, said Josh has been a vocal supporter of Colin at coalition meetings, sharing his experience having Colin as part of our team.

“This opens other employers’ eyes to why it’s beneficial for a company to hire someone with a disability,” Cobb said. “For him to come to those meetings and champion that this is a good thing for employers is integral for GRADSA as an organization.”

Shawn Patterson, President & Chief Executive Officer of Southern Star, said having our team be recognized for workforce inclusion is a testament to the culture at Southern Star.

“Southern Star is committed to fostering a workplace where everyone is welcome,” Patterson said. “We are proud to have Colin on our team, and his daily contributions enhance the team member culture and future company success.”