Update: Southern Star responding to line outage in Carl Junction, MO

Carl Junction, MO – Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc. (Southern Star)

At approximately 10:00 a.m. today, a Southern Star employee sustained a non-life-threatening injury during a pipeline inspection process in Carl Junction, Missouri.

This event involved an intermediate pressure line break. There have been erroneous reports that there was an explosion and fire at the site. That information is incorrect as there was no fire.

Safety is our top focus, and our team has activated a response plan for the event. Natural gas service has been temporarily shut-off to nearly 800 homes in the area.

At this time, law enforcement officials have closed Fir Road at Lone Elm Drive. Please follow guidelines from officials if you are travelling near this area.

Our personnel are well-trained to handle this event. Our crews are working closely with local law enforcement and emergency responders as we evaluate this event.

Southern Star will continue to provide information as this event develops. We thank all local agencies involved for their support.

Media Contact:Karen Goedde
Director, Communications and Public Relations
(270) 852-4495

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