Southern Star supports Barton Community College natural gas education program through donation of equipment

Barton Community College in Great Bend, Kansas is the recipient of a metering skid with flow control, donated by Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline. This equipment will be used for the school’s natural gas program, giving students the opportunity to work with the same level of equipment that they might encounter on the job.

Southern Star President and Chief Executive Officer Shawn Patterson said the partnership between Southern Star and Barton Community College provides crucial experience for tomorrow’s natural gas workers.

“Southern Star recognizes the importance of training young men and women who are working hard to be a part of our industry,” Patterson said. “This metering skid will provide students real-life experience to advance their skillset as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Executive Director of Workforce Training & Economic Development Mary Foley said the donation, valued at approximately $225,000, will be of great value to the students.

“The experience they gain from working on and with industry-standard equipment is critical for their training and job-readiness,” Foley said. “We are grateful that Southern Star has made this investment in our students and our program.”

As further evidence of the importance of the link between education and Southern Star’s vision of providing clean, safe and reliable energy, several Southern Star team members have themselves come through Barton’s natural gas program.

This donation represents only the most recent piece of a long history of collaboration with Barton Community College.